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InnoNEM presented at the European Rural Parliament

NORDECO, november 2013


In workshop 4, Think Tank for Local Development, at the European Rural Parliament (ERP) held in Brussels on November 13th 2013, the idea that attracted the highest number of votes was to of establish an innovation network connecting research and knowledge institutions, rural movements, government and local authorities as well as enterprises.

Cooperation on major challenges we face individually and as a society in rural areas is the main object in the Danish Innovation Network for Nature, Enterprise and Man (InnoNEM) hosted by Nordic Fund for Development and Ecology, NORDECO. InnoNEM focuses on the interplay between nature and man, but cuts across sectors and value chains to involve e.g. experience economy and environment related issues, thus creating a wider platform for innovation. InnoNEM works for knowledge-based economic growth in

  • Agriculture and Forestry       

  • Food

  • New energy                            

  • Climate

  • Green Growth                         

  • Health

InnoNEM also wants development in rural areas that relates to civil society, settlement and new types of professions. This initiative has been approved by several Danish universities and key organisations, and this gives hope that similar initiatives could be launched all over Europe – both in the EU member states and geographical Europe.

This Danish initiative to form a hyper-network of knowledge institutions, companies, individuals, organisations and public authorities is open to all interested. Membership is free in order to attract even small businesses, and we encourage all enterprises and organisations dealing with rural development to join the network for international triple helix cooperation on innovation initiatives.

If InnoNEM can be an example of inspiration it will serve to accomplish the goal of international cooperation as well. NORDECO therefore offers cooperation with organisations in the rural movement that wish to promote cross sectorial innovation in rural development. The dialogue has already begun...

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