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Join us!

InnoNEM is the Danish Innovation network for Nature, Enterprise and Man - and it is open to all.

InnoNEM focuses on the interplay between nature and man, but cuts across sectors and value chains to involve e.g. experience economy, environment and related issues such as social innovation and rural development. Where development can benefit from applied research and business strategies, InnoNEM will contribute.

You can take part and shape the future...

Nature is our common condition - we all live by it and some of us live in it. Therefore, nature brings us together in a network across other interests. Our common aim is to ensure nature's future.

Enterprise is often a part of nature - no agriculture, no food! Forests and lakes are also used commercially, windmills gather power in the wind, and tourists come to experience nature. This brings prosperity.

Humans live not only by nature, but also very much in nature. Outdoor recreation provides us a strong sense of being alive - and the outdoor experiences and exercise contributes to mental and physical health.

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