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Briefly about the background of InnoNEM

Nordeco has developed projects with research institutions and innovation network InViO for years.

In February 2013, when the Dansih Research and Innovation Council called for applications for innovation networks, we became aware that there was no innovation network for rural development, social innovation and climate and environmental issues.

Therefore, we contacted the Centre for Rural Research and the Common Council for Rural Districts to see if they would support the idea of joining forces and create the conditions for an application. It was well received and led to this initiative.

Why InnoNEM - Innovation Network for Nature, Enterprise and Man?

InnoNEM will enhance knowledge on sustainable rural development, nature conservation and natural business through new research, knowledge sharing, matchmaking and interaction between businesses, government agencies and academic institutions. This strengthens corporate and institutional capacity development and innovation in order to boost growth and employment in rural areas.

As a participant in the innovation network you can enhance the development of your business or your area and create the conditions for increased activity and earnings. InnoNEM seeks to promote growth in the Danish economy and focus on more specialized areas where research, innovation and development are the common denominator. Specifically, the network addresses the following selected innovation themes relating to overall societal challenges in rural areas:

  • Healthy food through sustainable and environmentally friendly business models based on value innovation

  • Changes in values ​​and attitudes to climate, environment, health, food, nature conservation and agriculture

  • Improving the quality of life through social innovation in education, healthcare and social care

  • Enhancing competitiveness through the spread of digital and mobile offersWe wish to publish a newsletter on rural development, nature conservation, nature professions and various activities.


Who is behind InnoNEM?

Stakeholders behind InnoNEM is so far the Common Council for Rural Districts, Forest and Landscape at KU LIFE, Department of Development and Planning at Aalborg University, Danish Forest Owners Associations, Habitats, Tredje Natur and the Nordic Fund for Development and Ecology (Nordeco), which together cover the latest knowledge on challenges and possible solutions in rural development in Denmark.

You can help support InnoNEM by joining in and contribute to the dialogue example on Facebook.


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